The Plaza

Echoing off of the once proud buildings, the overture bounced off the dumpsters, cutting through the buses as it zoomed past the discount stores before finally reaching the abandoned movie theater.  Once the hub of the fine plaza, the theater stood still and lifeless, its windows boarded shut and covered with misspelled expletives.


The speakers, installed at each corner of the library, acted as cost-effective sentries in the wake of the disrepair, showering the symphony over the littered parking lot, greeting the men smoking outside with triumphant cymbals and victorious clashes.

Once home to the latest trends in fashion, The Plaza’s bustling commerce helped trigger the exodus from the city’s downtown shopping district many moons ago.  As the years passed, the traffic slowed and the rust set in, its aging structures were left behind, and now stood haggard and worn, like a heavyweight boxer leaning on the ropes late in the fight, as they swayed in the wind.

The scenic mountains, untouched by time or commerce, remained loyally behind the empty buildings, lending a majestic view to the dormant square with its breathless sunsets on warm summer evenings.  Below, cigarette butts and candy wrappers climbed the curbs of the deserted sidewalks, as large weeds flourished in the neglect, as if driven by the symphony that played ceremoniously in the solemn afternoon.



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